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Cramer's lightning round: Get ready for a long stay in this vacation stock


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Marriott International: "[Marriott and Wyndham] are both so good, but I do like Marriott right here. Wyndham's had an even bigger move. I like Marriott because [of] that combination that they made. I think you stay long that one."

Kellogg: "Kellogg's virtually a bond. It yields 3 percent and it's got a nice balance sheet, so I don't worry about it, but it's a bit of a bond because that group has no growth."

Carvana: "If you want a used car play, you go with CarMax, which has made a very nice recovery. That Carvana, I don't think it makes any money."

Mallinckrodt: "I don't know, man. The long knives are out for those guys. I say do not buy. Now they've got lawyers suing them everywhere. I'm staying away."

NXP Semiconductors: "OK, my charitable trust owns NXP and we are urging people not to tender to the bid from Qualcomm, because Qualcomm should pay more given that the comparative stocks in that sector are much higher. And we know Qualcomm needs it, too, because they're in a little bit of a tussle there with Apple."

Xerox Corp: "You know, I don't like those reverse splits because they tend to make stocks look a little better than they are, but I will say this: It did catch an upgrade today that I thought was pretty cogent, so I would hold on to it for a little bit. I don't think that there's great momentum there."

Ionis Pharmaceuticals: "Ionis just keeps going higher. I remember when a firm slapped a sell on it. We had some positive things to say about it. This stock's not quitting. I'd stay long it."

Watch the full lightning round:

Cramer's lightning round: Get ready for a long stay in this vacation stock

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares in NXP Semiconductors and Apple.

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