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Martin Shkreli smirks, pulls faces during closing arguments by prosecutor at his securities fraud trial

Key Points
  • Martin Shkreli's antics became more animated the longer the closing argument went on.
  • His lawyers appeared to be doing their best to ignore his pointed facial reactions.
  • A prosecutor took more than four hours to sum up the evidence against Shkreli.

Now that's the Martin Shkreli we're used to!

Notorious "Pharma bro" Shkreli pointedly smirked, pulled faces and looked askance at at a prosecutor's damning characterization of him as she gave her closing argument Thursday at Shkreli's securities fraud trial.

Shkreli's facial reactions became more animated as assistant U.S. attorney Alixandra Smith's closing statement in Brooklyn, New York, federal court continued well past the three-and-a-half hour maximum she had suggested on Wednesday.

Shkreli's high-powered lawyers, Benjamin Brafman and Marc Agnifilo, appeared to be doing their best to ignore the antics of their client, which were clearly visible to jurors sitting in a box directly facing Shkreli and Smith.

Smith's closing argument lasted more than four-and-a-half hours.

"I know this was a long presentation," Smith told jurors at the end of it. "This was a long trial."

Smith painstakingly detailed testimony given by witnesses and other evidence since late June, which she said more than supported each of the eight criminal counts against Shkreli.

Martin Shkreli arrives at Brooklyn Federal Court on the first day of his securities fraud trial on June 26, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York.
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Shkreli, 34, is charged with securities fraud, and conspiracy to commit both wire and securities fraud. Prosecutors say he duped investors into putting money into his hedge funds by lying about his track record in the stock market and the performance of his funds, then he looted his publicly traded drug company to pay off investors for their lost money.

"The defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt," Smith said.

Shkreli's lawyer is set to give his closing argument later Thursday,

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