Paul Ryan backs Trump's border wall: 'It is time'

Key Points
  • Paul Ryan backs President Donald Trump's proposed border wall in a video.
  • The House last week approved a $1.6 billion down payment for the project, which Trump repeatedly pledged Mexico would fund.
Paul Ryan
Aaron P. Bernstein | Reuters

Paul Ryan put his support behind President Donald Trump's divisive border wall on Tuesday.

On Twitter, the Republican House speaker wrote, "It is time for The Wall" on the U.S.-Mexico border. An accompanying video shows Ryan riding in a helicopter and meeting with border patrol agents in Texas' Rio Grande Valley.

"They clearly need more tools and more support to do their jobs effectively. That's why we're going to get this done this week," Ryan says over a thumping electronic beat in the 30-second video.

Ryan: RT if you agree→ It is time for The Wall.

It is unclear what timeline Ryan references. The House is on recess this week.

But the chamber approved an unrelated spending measure last week with $1.6 billion set aside for a down payment on Trump's proposed wall. As a candidate, the president repeatedly pledged that Mexico would pay for the project.

The Senate is less likely to approve the funding for the barrier.

Various members of Congress who represent areas near the Mexican border, including some Republicans, have questioned the potential effectiveness of a wall. They have also raised concerns about using taxpayer funds to construct it.