Apple's upcoming iPhone face recognition said to be faster and more secure than fingerprint reader

  • Face detection on the iPhone 8 is said to be more secure than a fingerprint reader.
  • This hasn't been the case with other phones that offer the feature.
  • Apple may call the feature "Face ID," and it's supposed to be faster than Touch ID.

The facial recognition feature expected in Apple's iPhone 8 may be more secure and faster than the Touch ID fingerprint reader on current iPhones.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, known for his accurate reporting on future Apple products, recently published a tweet saying as much, referring to the feature as "Face ID."

While other devices, such as the Galaxy S8, already offer facial recognition, the phone's sensors can be tricked by a user's photograph. Apple must have found a solution to prevent that sort of vulnerability, at least if it plans to market Face ID as more secure than its current fingerprint reader.

Gurman's note about the speed of Face ID is unsurprising. The Galaxy S8's face detection sensor is fast, often recognizing a user as the phone is being lifted off a table. Samsung's phones also offer iris scanning, which is much more secure but not as quick.

Several analysts have suggested the new 3D sensor may contribute to potential iPhone 8 delays.

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