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See devastating crime scene photos from the Richmond Hill explosion

Key Points

These crime scene photos, used as evidence in court, show the damage an intentional explosion set by Monserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard had on dozens of homes in their Richmond Hill neighborhood.

On November 10, 2012, an explosion wreaked havoc in a quiet neighborhood in the Indianapolis suburb Richmond Hill, sending dozens of homes up in flames.

The blast was so powerful that it moved the needle of an earthquake sensor 26 miles away.

Chaos ensued and two people died as the flames spread quickly through the neighborhood.

Authorities blamed a natural gas explosion inside the home of Monserrate Shirley, who was away at the time of the explosion.

Shirley and her boyfriend were hoping to collect $300,000 in insurance money from the damage.

The explosion caused over $4 million worth of damage and forced 200 residents from their homes.

Today, some neighbors have left Richmond Hill, and others have rebuilt their homes—and their lives—in their once-peaceful neighborhood.

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