Trump retweets man calling him a fascist and a 'Trump train' smashing into a CNN logo

  • President Donald Trump retweets, then deletes, a man calling him a "fascist."
  • He also retweets an image apparently showing a train going through a CNN reporter.
  • The train image drew criticism following Trump's tepid initial response to a car attack at a white nationalist rally in Virginia.

President Donald Trump appeared to have a rough Tuesday morning on Twitter.

The president retweeted — then deleted — a message calling him a "fascist." It came in response to a news report about Trump considering a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt last month for ignoring a judge's order related to detaining immigrants.

He also retweeted, then deleted, an image of a "Trump" train smashing into a person with a CNN logo over their head. An accompanying tweet reads: "Nothing can stop the #TrumpTrain!!"

The train retweet drew rebukes following what many critics saw as Trump's tepid initial response to a car ramming into a crowd of counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally in Virginia on Saturday. The act killed one and injured 19 people. Some of Trump's top advisors — but not the president himself — have called the attack domestic terrorism.

An unnamed White House official told NBC News that the train tweet was inadvertently posted and then deleted as soon it was noticed.

The White House did not respond to calls for comments about the tweet calling Trump a fascist.

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