For once, DC's impotence is a problem for Wall Street, says CEO Danielle Hughes

Key Points
  • The Trump administration's tax-slashing promises have some investors clamoring for more progress, says Divine Capital's CEO.
  • CEO Danielle Hughes says D.C. drama and unpredictable market activity make "a lot of people very nervous."
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Wall Street is typically wary of government involvement in business. But the administration's promise of tax reform has some investors clamoring for more progress, said Divine Capital's CEO on Monday.

"In Washington, we continue to just be all eyes on the soap opera," CEO Danielle Hughes said on CNBC's "."

"And usually we like Washington to do absolutely nothing, and Wall Street would cheer this on full boat," Hughes said, "but we want to see what Washington has to do with some taxes and rollbacks."

Hughes said the "listlessness" of and whispers of the bull market reaching its peak "makes a lot of people very nervous."

"It's been so discordant for so long," she said. Hughes cited the record levels of credit card debt accumulating nationally, while 's stock rose nearly 28 percent in 2017.

"Whatever we think is going to happen, it's not going to be that," she said.

To be sure, not all investors have abandoned their animal spirits. "We have a lot to gain on the international equities front compared to the United States," wealth expert Steven Wieting of said on "Closing Bell."

To Hughes, though, something eventually has to give way in the market's counterintuitive rally. "Hopefully not on the political front or the war front," she said, "but that's also on the table."