Tesla Model X beats Lamborghini and sets new record in drag race

Key Points
  • Tesla Model X and Model S P100DL beat a Lamborghini Aventador in a quarter-mile drag race.
  • Model X set a new track record for the fastest SUV tested there.

Two top-shelf Tesla cars both beat a Lamborghini Aventador, continuing to prove the technical advantages of high-end electric motors in acceleration.

A Tesla Model X and Model S, both P100D models with Ludicrous, edged out the Lamborghini in a quarter-mile drag race held by Brooks Weisblat of Drag Times at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

The Model X ended up setting a record time for a sport utility vehicle, according to the video.

Electric motors are known for being able to accelerate quickly due to the availability of instant torque. Teslas are especially quick, particularly when the driver engages Ludicrous mode, which is a kind of high-performance setting that pushes both cars from zero to 60 in under three seconds.

It is important to point out that internal combustion engines in some high-end cars can outperform Teslas at high speeds.

It is also worth noting the Tesla costs $165,000, compared with $530,000 for the Aventador, Drag Times said.

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