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Watch Rex Tillerson hold press briefing

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is scheduled to speak to reporters on Tuesday.

His news conference comes after President Donald Trump pledged Monday night to "handily" defeat terrorism in Afghanistan.

In a major address at Virginia's Fort Myer, the president did not detail how many more U.S. troops he would send or specifically what he felt it would take for the country to finally achieve victory in its longest war ever.

Trump, who won the White House in part on a promise to reduce intervention in conflicts overseas, said "the American people are weary of war without victory." But he said he chose to keep troops in Afghanistan based on the consequences of a swift withdrawal, which he said would create a "vacuum" that terrorists would "instantly fill."

"We cannot repeat the mistake in Afghanistan our leaders made in Iraq," Trump told the soldiers gathered for the speech.

"One way or another, these problems will be solved. I am a problem solver. And in the end, we will win," he said.

Earlier Tuesday, the Treasury unveiled new sanctions on Russian and Chinese entities and individuals. The department said these groups and people may have aided the development of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

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— CNBC's Jacob Pramuk contributed to this report.