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Apple fights Hollywood over 4K movie prices for new Apple TV, report says

Key Points
  • Apple is reportedly battling Hollywood over the price of 4K movie content.
  • Apple wants to sell 4K movies for about $20, but Hollywood wants it to charge more.
  • Competitors charge about $30 or more for 4K movies.
Apple battling Hollywood over 4K movie prices, report says

Apple is reportedly battling with movie and TV studios over the price it will charge for 4K video content.

The tech giant is expected to announce a 4K Apple TV as soon as next month. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple wants to charge customers about $20 per movie.

That's cheaper than what competitors such as Google charge. 4K movies from the Google Play Store can cost around $30 or more, for example.

The Journal said Apple is facing pushback from Hollywood, which thinks the company should price the movies starting at $25 a pop, at the minimum.

Apple's 4K TV should already have access to 4K content, however. Amazon has said it will make its streaming service available for the Apple TV sometime this year, while Netflix already offers the sharper video content on other platforms, making the Apple TV a natural fit for expansion.

Reports say Apple will announce the new .

CNBC reached out to Apple for comment but a spokesperson was not immediately available.

Read the full report from The Wall Street Journal.