See how Apple will erase the line between reality and your iPhone

Apple is erasing the line between reality and your phone — here's how
Apple is erasing the line between reality and your phone — here's how
Key Points
  • Ikea, Food Network, AMC and more are creating new apps for the iPhone
  • They take advantage of "augmented reality" allowing users to overlay the digital world on top of the real one
  • CNBC had a first look at some of these new apps that will launch this fall

Soon you're going to be able to use new augmented reality applications, which let you overlay slices of the digital world on top of the real one, for new experiences never thought possible.

Ikea, AMC, Giphy, the Food Network and other companies are all working to launch these new types of apps, and CNBC had a chance to take a closer look.

Ikea's new augmented reality application, for example, lets users drag and drop a digital version of a chair, a bed, a coffee table or any other Ikea product right in your house.

You'll view it right through your iPhone or iPad as if it really exists, viewing it through the screen of your iPhone. Walk closer and the object will increase in size, or step away and it'll appear further from you, as if the object was actually sitting in your living room. If you like what you see, buy the piece of furniture right from the app.

That's just one example.

Food Network is also launching an application that will let you create custom digital desserts, and the app will return a recipe that can help you build it in real life.

AMC and Next Games are also teaming up on a game called "The Walking Dead: Our World," that lets you battle against zombies through your phone, much like players interact with characters in Pokemon Go.

And finally Giphy — the popular GIF application — will soon let you drop GIFs into the real world, instead of limiting them to a 2D space.

CNBC caught up with the developers of these apps and more to get a first hand look at the new experiences coming to iOS 11 this fall. Take a deeper dive in the video above.