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Cramer's lightning round: I'm on the fence about Domino's Pizza

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Domino's Pizza: "I'm on the fence on DPZ right now. Let me just tell you why, OK? We've got to just digest these sellers. Once the sellers are done, then we're going to make a strong push. Not going to make a push and take those sellers out of that stock yet, and that's because of the international growth. I think it's going to come back. There's a problem in the U.K."

Iconix: "No, no. We've got so many really great, quality companies I want to put on, and I wouldn't put that in that class. I'm sorry."

Kinder Morgan Inc.: "I have to tell you this about Kinder Morgan: maybe one day next year it'll maybe raise the distribution, but it's not my favorite at all."

Snap-On: "We love their products, but the numbers have not been there. Frankly, the numbers have just not been there so I want to be very careful. I think it's a great company too, but that group… I was hoping the group might come back off of Houston, but the last piece of research I read about Snap-On was a downgrade and it was a very tough one and I thought it had gravitas."

GW Pharmaceuticals: "My problem with GW Pharma is that every time we seem to have a referendum on marijuana, the voters approve it. Let's just say the stuff that used to be illegal is getting a lot more legal."

Allergan: "Allergan acts terribly. Yeah, it acts badly. What am I going to do? It's an inexpensive stock, but it acts very badly. My conclusion? It acts really badly. I think Brent Saunders is doing a terrific job and nobody really cares, particularly the Goldman Sachs analyst who tries every single day to be able to cut numbers but can't seem to find exactly the hole in the dike that she keeps wanting to plug in. So let me just say this: Jami's in control right now. She's the Goldman analyst, and until she gets even more negative I think it's just going to hang here. That's being cynical."

AT&T: "It's fine. It's a bond. It's boring. It's OK. It's good. The Time-Warner [deal] will be great. Blah, blah, blah."

Watch the full lightning round:

Cramer's lightning round: I'm on the fence about Domino's Pizza

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