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Cramer's lightning round: My playbook for Boeing

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Boeing: "Oh, jeez. Boeing is a multi-year story. Now, what you do is you buy some here and then you wait for a market decline and buy more. Don't just buy it all here because it trades very difficultly."

Pure Storage Inc.: "They had an excellent quarter and the stock is still undervalued here. I was surprised it didn't pop more."

Chesapeake Energy Corporation: "No, you know, look. With that, you've got to hope for a cold winter. We did not get the summer that they needed to be able to get the thermostat going so that people would buy it. And don't forget, the oil patch is no place to be right now."

Activision Blizzard: "I want you to hold it. [I'm] trying to build a huge position for this for my charitable trust. Follow along, join the club, This is a stock that is going to benefit from eSports."

Humana Inc.: "Humana's a buy, but I like UnitedHealth even better. Humana, though, is really sensational."

Hawaiian Holdings, Inc.: "Look, I think it's terrific. I think it's a great buy. But I do prefer, just so you know, now that the airplanes are starting to come back in Texas, Southwest [Airlines]."

Under Armour Inc.: "I struggle. I struggle. I struggle. Because I was on the Foot Locker call, and then I've done a lot of work in this group, whether it be Finish Line, whether it be what's going on with the Hibbetts of the world, and, of course, Dick's, and I have to come back and say no thank you. I don't want to touch that stock."

Apollo Global Management: "Oh, man. That's [CEO] Leon Black. He does well. I like KKR, too. I think that's a good one. I also like Blackstone."

Watch the full lightning round:

Cramer's lightning round: My playbook for Boeing

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