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Here are the emojis that could be coming to your keyboard in 2018

Key Points
  • The emojis being considered for 2018 have been narrowed down to 67 finalists
  • Bagels, Red hair and receipts are some of the proposed upcoming emoji

While 2017's emoji are finally making their way to keyboards around the world, 2018's edition is just around the corner, and an estimated 67 emoji have made it past the first round.

Ahead of the annual meeting that decides which ones make the final cut, CNBC took a look at some of the leading contenders. Some of the proposed emoji up for final consideration include a ball of yarn, a magnet, luggage, roll of toilet paper and a lobster.

Red Hair, White Hair...No hair?

Proposed red hair emoji | Emojipedia

Today's emoji keyboard supports a variety of skin colors as well as hair colors, ranging from blonde to light brown to a dark brown. Red hair, however, is not represented. The proposal on the table throws a bone to gingers everywhere, in addition to suggestions for curly hair, white hair, and no hair at all.

"Despite a large number of people requesting a redhead emoji online, it seemed that no one had submitted a formal proposal to Unicode for this." said Jeremy Burge, Emojipedia founder and the author of the proposal. "I felt it my duty to represent those who have been asking me non-stop about this, and to propose this to Unicode."

Butter, or cream cheese?

ONE TIME USE: Bagel emoji proposed

This particular proposal cites a bagel as "a globally recognized comfort food and snack, with a multicultural backstory." The proposal also offers two versions of the emoji — one sliced and one un-sliced. Emphasizing the split differentiates it from the donut emoji currently in the keyboard.

"I was pitching the bagel from being Jewish, from being in New York and having eaten a lot of bagels. The combination of college student budget and living in the city leads you to eating a lot of bagels." said Melanie Broder, who is also a writer for a marketing agency. "This is the first proposal I've written. If it passes, it would be on your phone in 2018."

Broder found that through doing research for the emoji proposal, the bagel told a story about Jewish assimilation into American culture. For her and other supporters, this is more of a sop for secular Jews and bagel fans than the Star of David emoji currently in use.

Pay me!

ONE TIME USE: Receipt emoji

"Venmo Me" or "splitting the bill" are phrases that have become commonplace as groups of people find a way to divvy up expenses. Yet how do you ask your friends to pay you in a not so serious way?

This was partly the thought behind Megan O'Neill and Alolita Sharma's proposal for a receipt character. According to their proposal, digital receipts as emoji are becoming a major part of the "visual vocabulary" for millions of online consumers, and the rise of social commerce has accelerated it.

These treats don't have calories

ONE TIME USE: Cupcake emoji proposed

The cupcake has been around since the 1800's. According to Minneapolis based writer and photographer Jessie Wade's proposal for a cupcake emoji, the sweet treat has only been growing in popularity since then.

From "Sex and the City's" spotlight on New York's Magnolia Bakery to a slew of reality shows like "DC Cupcakes" and "Cupcake Wars," the pint-sized treats are a large part of pop culture. The proposal points to use of the hashtag #cupcake and #cupcakes, which have been used in over 22 million posts on Instagram.