The Filthy Rich Guide

This 'poor little rich girl' grew up to be a fashion icon and mother to a 'foxy' media scion

Allow us to introduce you to Gloria Vanderbilt, America's original 'poor little rich girl.' You're charmed, we're sure.

Before she was even two years old, the death of her father left her with a tidy $5 million inheritance (valued at $67 million today) and led to a lengthy custody battle, dubbed "the trial of the century."

As a result of the drama, Gloria decided later in life that her children would have to make it on their own.

But what does that have to do with Anderson Cooper? Well, CNN's 'silver fox' happens to be Gloria's son.

Get into his pockets and see how close he is to surpassing her wealth in the latest episode of The Filthy Rich Guide.

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