T-Mobile family plans now include Netflix for free

Key Points
  • T-Mobile One family plans now include Netflix.
  • Plans just need two or more lines.
  • You'll get a single Netflix account worth about $120 a year.
T-Mobile family plans now include Netflix for free

"T-Mobile One" family plans now include Netflix for free.

It's T-Mobile's latest move to continue shaking up the wireless industry.

The free Netflix subscription applies to T-Mobile One plans with two or more lines, so customers don't need to sign up for anything else to take advantage of the offer. Keep in mind that T-Mobile limits streaming to DVD quality unless you pay extra, which means you can't really take full advantage of the super sharp display on your smartphone.

T-Mobile said customers can activate Netflix by calling T-Mobile, visiting the carrier's website or walking into a carrier store beginning on Sept. 12.

T-Mobile will offer free Netflix on certain plans

"If you already have a Netflix subscription, T-Mobile will cover the cost of a standard subscription for you — meaning you'll save nearly $120 every year," T-Mobile said.

This doesn't mean every person on the account gets his or her own Netflix account; rather, it's a single account that can be shared by a family. Other carriers offer similar incentives. AT&T, for example, includes its DirecTV Now streaming TV service for free on some qualifying plans.