Equifax tweets out 'Happy Friday' one day after the massive data breach is revealed

Key Points
  • Equifax's account @AskEquifax had a happy tweet this morning.
  • The company disclosed Thursday that more than 143 million Americans may be affected by a data breach.
  • The tweet has since been deleted.

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Equifax had a warm message for its Twitter followers this morning.

The official @AskEquifax Twitter account published a tweet wishing everyone a "Happy Friday!"

It would have been nice and probably ignored by almost everyone, except it came a day after Equifax admitted a data breach affecting as many as 143 million Americans.

Most folks probably woke up this morning and tried to figure out if their Social Security numbers, addresses and credit card details had been stolen in the breach.

The tweet, since deleted, read: "Happy Friday! You've got Stevie ready and willing to help with your customer service needs today!"


The tweet was met with frustrated Equifax customers who didn't find it very funny.

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Tweet 3

Maybe it was an accident. Maybe the social media manager was out sick and missed his or her company's huge news yesterday. Maybe it was scheduled a while ago.

Here it is, as recorded by Twitter user @darth, who makes a joke about the execs who sold $2 million in Equifax stock ahead of Thursday's big news:

Click here to read the tweet.

CNBC attempted to reach Equifax for comment but a spokesperson was not immediately available.

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