People are already lining up for Apple's new iPhone and it hasn't even been announced yet

Key Points
  • Folks have started to line up outside of an Apple Store in Sydney.
  • Apple is expected to announce the new iPhones on Tuesday.
  • It's still unclear when the new iPhones will be available.
Apple to soar higher?
Apple to soar higher?

Consumers in Australia are already lining up for the new iPhone even though hasn't announced it yet.

The start of a line was first spotted by journalist Luke Hopewell, who posted a picture on Twitter. A source familiar with the situation confirmed the picture is real and current.


It might be the best way to get the new iPhone, at least if reports suggesting the new device will be in turn out to be true.

The phone is expected to be Apple's biggest upgrade in a decade. It has been the subject of many detailed leaks, and is expected to feature a brighter screen that takes up the entire front face, facial recognition instead of a fingerprint reader, wireless charging and new cameras. Leaks over the weekend suggest it will be called the iPhone X.

These folks might be in for a long wait.

Apple typically begins accepting preorders a week or two before launch, but we don't know that the launch will happen on Tuesday.

Apple has worked to quell lines in recent years by encouraging its customers to place preorders online for same-day pickup or for home delivery. The strategy seems to have worked well for some of Apple's stores, but apparently not all of them.

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