Amazon execs want second HQ in Boston, says report

Key Points
  • Amazon execs like Boston as a home for a second headquarters
  • Boston is home to Harvard and MIT, which are attractive schools
  • It's also near an airport and public transit
Could Boston be Amazon's second home?

is , and a report from Bloomberg on Tuesday says some execs are already pushing for Boston.

The execs reportedly like that Boston is near prestigious schools like MIT and Harvard, which would no doubt help to fill its ranks with highly educated alums with different areas of expertise, whether engineering or the arts.

In CNBC's own analysis of where Amazon might put its new HQ, Boston was ranked fifth.

The city is also near an airport, one of Amazon's other requirements, and along public transit. Boston has its own train line but is also close to Amtrak for easy access to the rest of the northeast seaboard.

This doesn't mean Boston is going to win out, but it sounds like some execs inside certainly hope that's where Amazon ends up.

Read the full story on Bloomberg.

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