Jamie Dimon says his successor as CEO is 'inside JPMorgan'

  • Followers of JPMorgan Chase have long wondered who the next CEO would be given the exodus of top talent in recent years.
  • The board has several candidates in mind who could step into the job today, Dimon said.

Here's some good news for lieutenants of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: they could be the chosen one.

Dimon, 61, said the next chief executive of the bank will come from within its own executive ranks. "The successor for JPMorgan is inside JPMorgan," he said Tuesday in New York at the Delivering Alpha conference presented by presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor.

Followers of his career and of the bank have long wondered who the next CEO would be, given a steady exodus of top managers over the years who could have been contenders but were either too close in age to Dimon or didn't have the right timing.

JPMorgan's executive diaspora includes Jes Staley, 60, now the CEO of Barclays, Bill Winters, turning 56 this month, now at Standard Chartered, and Charlie Scharf, 51, recently named CEO of Bank of New York Mellon. In June, Matt Zames, 46, quit as chief operating officer, arguably Dimon's right-hand person, to pursue running a company.

Top executives still at the company include CFO Marianne Lake, asset management chief Mary Callahan Erdoes, and investment and corporate bank chief Daniel Pinto.

The board has several candidates among the executive ranks who could take his job today, Dimon said.

The appointed time may not come for another five years, though, Dimon said. That is the "running joke" for the amount of time he plans to stay at the helm of the bank, where he first became CEO in 2006 after its 2004 merger with Bank One, the Chicago bank he also once ran.

"I'm not going to go run another company," he said, but "I would get bored too quickly" leaving now.

 WATCH: Dimon says he wants to stay for another five years

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