Cramer's lightning round: Don't run for Finish Line

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Finish Line: "No, no. You can't touch Finish Line. I mean, I've got enough problems with Nike and Under Armour. You don't need Finish Line. Don't go there, my friend. Do not go there."

GameStop: "It's too hard, frankly. I mean, think about it. I gave a talk today to club members [of] ActionAlertsPlus and I said, 'Activision Blizzard's so great.' Take Two [Interactive]. [Take Two CEO] Strauss Zelnick, how great is he? EA is great. We don't need GameStop."

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.: "I think that last quarter was really good. The one before it wasn't that good. I want to have them back. I really like those guys. Buy, buy, buy."

SM Energy Co.: "The old Saint Mary's? No, no. We've got to go higher quality than that. I think you should be thinking about Schlumberger, which my charitable trust owns. If it came down a dollar, you'd buy it."

Lockheed Martin Corporation: "Buy, buy, buy! That is one of my favorite stocks. By the way, I still like Raytheon a little more, though."

Watch the full lightning round:

Cramer's lightning round: Don't run for Finish Line

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