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Cramer's lightning round: Here's why I'm on the fence about AT&T

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed:

AT&T: "It's tempting, I know. I do want to see the quarter. I mean, it's so convoluted because of the acquisition of Time Warner. I have it in my bull pen for [the] club newsletter, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger."

Chipotle Mexican Grill: "No. We have to wait until the clock starts again. It's not my cup of tea. I would love to take a long-term position, but you've got to wait."

Chesapeake Energy Corporation: "Chesapeake's too much natural gas and there's too much natural gas in the whole country right now. There's just no place to put the darned stuff. That said, it's inexpensive, but there's just not enough storage." "There is no second to Alibaba, there's just third, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth. We're sticking with Alibaba."

Qorvo Inc.: "I like Qorvo, but I've got to tell you, I love Nvidia."

Abbott Laboratories: "Stay long it. My charitable trust owns it. I think you're in great company. That's a good name."

Baozun Inc.: "People sold that stock down when it reported, and that was just a grave error because it was a good quarter. I remain convinced that this company is a good, long-term hold."

Square Inc.: "Look, everyone knows I like Square. We've caught a double in Square. But I want to hear from [CFO] Sarah Friar. Sarah Friar is the person I know who's most instrumental in doing the great things at Square, and she is on the to-do list, I think, of people who want to come on the show. So, Square, let's get Sarah here."

Ionis Pharmaceuticals: "You know what? It's got so many irons in the fire. Goldman hated the stock so much, really knocked it down. I think it's real. I think it's fine."

iRobot Corporation: "A competitor came in and everybody freaks out. It looks like it was a big short squeeze."

Watch the full lightning round:

Cramer's lightning round: Here's why I'm on the fence about AT&T

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