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Amazon just announced a new tablet with Alexa that costs only $150

Key Points
  • Amazon announces a new Fire HD 10 tablet.
  • It costs only $150.
  • It includes new Alexa "hands-free" mode.
Amazon announces new $150 tablet with Alexa

Amazon announced an inexpensive new Fire HD 10 tablet on Tuesday.

It costs just $150 and offers solid improvements over the previous generation Fire HD 10. It's not as advanced as more expensive tablets, like the iPad, but has some compelling new features, including longer battery life (up to 10 hours) and faster performance for gaming and watching movies.

One new function is "hands-free" Alexa, which means you can call up Alexa without opening a separate application. You can use Alexa for any purpose you might typically use the personal assistant on an Amazon Echo, including controlling your house or checking the weather. Amazon says this feature will hit in a software update on Oct. 11.


The tablet has a sharp 1080p display but only 32GB of storage on the base model, which isn't a lot if you're planning on downloading a lot of movies. There's a microSD card slot for adding more storage, or you can opt for the slightly more expensive 64GB Fire HD 10.

Preorders for the new Fire HD 10 begin on Tuesday.