Tesla will discontinue cheapest Model S on Sunday

  • Tesla first announced it would discontinue the rear-wheel model in July.
  • The Model S rear-wheel version started at just over $70,000.

Tesla will discontinue its cheapest Model S, the rear-wheel-drive 75, on Sunday, Tesla has confirmed to CNBC.

Tesla first announced in July that it would discontinue the rear-wheel model. The company is shifting to an all-wheel-drive lineup for the Model S to simplify its product offering.

The Model S rear-wheel version started at just over $70,000. Prior to the release of the Model 3, this would have been considered Tesla's entry-level sedan.

Meanwhile, the initial batches of the Model 3 will boast rear-wheel drive. CEO Elon Musk has said he expects to offer an all-wheel-drive version in the future.

Musk had said there was some customer confusion that the Model 3 was an improvement over the Model S, when in fact the Model 3 is simply a less expensive and entirely different car altogether.

Tesla has discontinued other battery options for its cars before.

Electreck reported in July the car would be discontinued, and Business Insider reported on the timeline earlier today.

— CNBC's Robert Ferris contributed to this report.