Have no fear! Why one JPMorgan strategist says the markets will keep grinding higher

If you think a stock market correction is imminent, think again. At least that's the message one JPMorgan strategist has for investors.

Stephen Parker, head of thematic equity solutions for JPMorgan Private Bank, said that any market setback should be used as an opportunity to buy and given today's economic environment, investors should embrace rather than fear pullbacks.

"The economy is picking up steam, we're also about to head into earnings season and I think the results are going to be good," he said Tuesday on CNBC's "Futures Now."

"One of the other things I would point to that's an encouraging sign is over the last few weeks, we've seen some of the more traditional cyclical sectors like energy and banks begin to outperform," he added. "That's a comment that investors are looking at better growth, better fundamentals out of the next couple of months."

In fact, Parker says that global markets are going through "the best sustained global growth environment" since the financial crisis. And while investors are concerned about how inflation has been lower than expected, he believes that this will actually benefit markets in the long run given that it will make sure the Federal Reserve doesn't get too aggressive with rate hikes.

"Historically the thing that tends to end bull markets is when you see an overshoot of inflation that causes the Fed to have to overreact, and that leads to recession," he said.

Essentially, Parker expects that while the Fed will hike rates in December, investors can be assured that any more hikes will be gradual.

The strategist, however, does emphasize that investors should keep buying the dip until economic growth starts to really slow, or there are signs of "overheating" on the inflation front.

Markets opened higher Wednesday, continuing Tuesday's rebound after a sell-off at the beginning of the week.


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