Google's answer to the iPhone X was just leaked

Key Points
  • An image of what's likely Google's new smartphone surfaced on Monday
  • Google is expected to unveil it alongside a smaller model on Wednesday
  • The phone, dubbed the Pixel XL 2, is reportedly built by LG
Evan Blass

The image above purportedly portrays Google's new Pixel 2 XL smartphone.

Google is expected to introduce it alongside the Google Pixel 2 during an event on Wednesday in California.

The Pixel 2 XL, as its name suggests, is the larger of the two models and, according to some reports, is built by LG. Given the striking resemblance to the LG V30, LG's latest flagship smartphone, it seems like that rumor will be proven true. The smaller Pixel 2 is reportedly built by HTC, a part of which Google is planning to buy.

Google was not immediately available to comment.

The picture, leaked by a blogger known for revealing smartphones early, Evan Blass, shows a unique new home screen that appears to show upcoming events, the time until the event and the weather. Google is expected to explain more about its new Android Oreo software, including experiences that may be exclusive to its Pixel phones, during the event.


Additional pictures were posted to Venture Beat by Blass.