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Facebook launches a new version of Messenger in US that uses less data

Key Points
  • Facebook has launched Facebook Messenger Lite in the U.S. this week.
  • Facebook Messenger Lite had previously only been available in emerging markets.
  • The software strips some functions out.

launched Facebook Messenger Lite for Android in the U.S. this week.

originally made its debut in emerging smartphone markets where data networks are slower than what's offered by most U.S. carriers. The Lite version, however, measures just 10MB in size — which means it won't take up too much storage on your phone — and is watered-down as to not hog data each month.

If your kids are constantly going over their data limits, you might want to think about installing the new version. It still offers plenty of features, such as the ability to chat with groups of friends, and send photos and videos. It just happens to use less data and will work even if you're not on a faster cellular connection.

The app is available for Android only. Google has posted instructions here.