Criterion Capital founder likes Mercado Libre but is short iRobot

  • E-commerce firm Mercado Libre has a solid management team in place, Criterion's co-founder says.
  • The manager says he is short iRobot shares because of strong competition in the same niche.
MercadoLibre webpage
Source: MercadoLibre
MercadoLibre webpage

Christopher Lord, co-founder and portfolio manager of Criterion Capital Management, said he likes the e-commerce company Mercado Libre.

"There is a management team in place that we know very very well," he said, adding the company is exposed to a "large and unpenetrated addressable market." Lord was presenting at the Sohn Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Lord said he is short iRobot because "they are about to be punched in the face by a company that's called Shark."

"It does remind me a lot of GoPro," he said, "it does remind me a lot of 3D printers."

Wednesday's event is the West Coast version of the prominent investment conferences w

hich began in New York and are best known for hedge fund managers making market-moving presentations. The Sohn conferences benefit pediatric cancer and other causes for underserved youth. The conference is presented in partnership with CNBC.