Follow Oracle CEO Mark Hurd behind the scenes at the company's huge conference

This is what it's like to be the CEO of a $200 billion company

Oracle is bringing artificial intelligence into its software and making its database autonomous, like a self-driving car. But some things at Oracle just can't be automated.

At Oracle's big annual OpenWorld bash in San Francisco on Tuesday, CEO Mark Hurd spent much of his day meeting face to face with executives from companies that spend money on Oracle products.

His day started at 4:30 in the morning and didn't end until around 11 at night. Prep work. A breakfast. A panel. Roundtables, receptions, and of course, impromptu meetings.

This is Mark Hurd, 60, at go time.

Oracle's chief marketing officer, Judith Sim, says at this year's OpenWorld, Hurd will have around 675 "customer touches," or interactions with representatives of customers -- excluding his big keynote address -- more than any previous once since he joined from HP in 2010. So the human interactions are increasing, not decreasing.

When he goes into his meetings, at times he's trying to convince executives that their companies should start using Oracle's cloud-based programs. But oftentimes these executives are actually onboard with Hurd's message and are already using Oracle's cloud software as a service.

"I'm stoked," Hurd said, all things considered.