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A limited edition 25th anniversary of the original ThinkPad was just announced

Key Points
  • Lenovo unveiled a 25th anniversary edition of the ThinkPad 700C on Thursday.
  • It costs $1,899 and is available direct from Lenovo.
  • IBM built the original ThinkPad 700C.

A special 25th anniversary edition of the beloved IBM ThinkPad 700C was announced on Thursday.

IBM built the original ThinkPad 700C (pictured below) but Lenovo, which currently builds and sells ThinkPad-branded computers, announced the special edition model.

The original ThinkPad 700C

The ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 features a backlit 7-row keyboard, a throwback multicolor logo, the original pink mouse nub and a blue return button. The hardware has been updated with a new Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA graphics and a 14-inch full HD display. And, of course, it's a heck of a lot thinner than the original 700C.

Lenovo will sell a limited quantity of the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 on its website. It's priced at $1,899.