You can now take out cash with your smartphone at some Wells Fargo ATMs

Key Points
  • Wells Fargo has upgraded more than 5,000 ATMs with support for mobile payments
  • Customers can tap the ATM to take out money, though they'll still need a PIN
  • Wells Fargo plans to update all of its ATMs by 2019
A Wells Fargo ATM featuring the “Use an Access Code” button.
Source: Business Wire

has upgraded more than 5,000 ATMs with new technology that allows customers to access their accounts -- and take out cash -- with a smartphone instead of a debit card.

The move builds on an earlier one by Wells Fargo that allowed customers to inside the Wells Fargo smartphone app.

The ATMs have a new near-field communications (NFC) module that allows customers to tap a phone configured with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay instead of swiping or inserting a debit card into the machine. Wells Fargo said that customers will still need to enter their PIN into the machine in order to take out money.

The feature gives consumers more of a reason to leave their debit and credit cards at home. Most modern phones allow users to store credit and debit cards to make mobile payments without the need to present a debit or credit card. Wells Fargo now takes it one step further.

The company hopes to upgrade more than 13,000 additional ATMs with the feature by 2019.