Man says the Apple Watch saved his life after detecting an irregular heartbeat

  • A man named James Green says the Apple Watch saved his life.
  • His heart rate spiked and an app alerted him to the change.
  • It turns out he had a pulmonary embolism.

James Green says an Apple Watch saved his life.

Late last week, Green posted an image from the hospital noting that the "stupid lil wrist computer [he] bought 2 years ago" saved his life after it notified him of a spiking heart rate.

It turns out, according to Green, that he had a pulmonary embolism, which wasn't just a spiking heart rate but is a blockage of the arteries. Green specifically thanked Heart Watch, an app that can be used to help alert a user when it noticed abnormalities in heart rate.

The latest software on Apple Watch, watchOS 4, is capable of identifying similar changes in heart rate and alerting a user. By default, it can ping the wearer if his or her heart rate spikes above 120bmp while it appears he or she is at rest. Apple is also conducting a study with Stanford and telemedicine vendor America Well to see if the watch can be useful in detecting cardiac arrhythmia, a type of abnormal heartbeat that can cause or indicate serious health conditions.

Green says he was discharged and sent home after the incident.

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