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New Sky Valley Foods CEO wants to fill gaps in the organic food landscape

Key Points
  • Rodrigo Troni is Sky Valley Foods' new CEO. He previously served as Snyder's-Lance's chief marketing officer until August when the snack food company cut his position.
  • Sky Valley's portfolio includes Organicville, Bella's and Simply Delicious. The company sells organic soda under the name Sky Valley and produces private label products.
Rodrigo Troni, Sky Valley Foods
Source: Sky Valley Foods

Sky Valley Foods' new CEO Rodrigo Troni wants to fill the gaps in the organic food landscape.

Organic foods are easily available in staples like produce and dairy, but that's not necessarily true for extras like condiments and flavorings, he said. And he sees that as a tremendous opportunity for Sky Valley.

"It really is a different world. The food world has truly changed with consumption and the role emerging fast-growth companies can play as opposed to traditional (consumer product goods companies)," said Troni, who replaced interim CEO Scott Lurie on Monday.

Troni served as Snyder's-Lance's chief marketing officer until the company cut his position in August. While there, he helped Snyder's-Lance renovate its snacking portfolio to keep up with consumers' preferences for healthier foods.

Source: Organicville Foods

Sky Valley's Organicville brand includes condiments, sauces and salsas. Its name brand Sky Valley includes organic sodas like root beer and grape soda. As CEO, Troni wants to grow both brands to "put them on the map" while innovating into more categories.

At Sky Valley, Troni said he wants to expand into categories like soups, spreads, dips and sauces that he said have gaps in their organic offerings. New products could fall under Organicville, Sky Valley, or even the company's other two branded lines, Bella's and Simply Delicious.

"Future innovation will focus on the opportunity for complimentary foods to make sure consumers have a full organic meal," Troni said. "It's a huge growth opportunity Sky Valley wants to attack."

About one-third of Sky Valley's products are private label, Troni said. The bulk of its production is for Target's Simply Balanced line.

Creating private label brands helps give companies like Sky Valley "a seat at the table" with retailers and more insight into consumers, Troni said. However, he foresees most Americans sticking with branded goods.

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