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Elon Musk says his second tunnel-digging machine for The Boring Company is 'almost ready'

Key Points
  • Elon Musk said his second machine for The Boring Company is "almost ready"
  • Musk said the boring machine will be called "Line-Storm"
  • Earlier this year, the first machine called "Godot" began digging tunnels
Musk says the second Boring Company machine is 'almost ready'

Elon Musk said Wednesday the second machine that will be used to dig tunnels underground for his Boring Company is "almost ready."

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO founded the Boring Company after being frustrated with traffic in Los Angeles. His idea is to build a series of tunnels in L.A. with cars being ferried around on pods at around 125 mph.

Musk currently has one boring machine called "Godot" and began digging tunnels earlier this year.

Now the billionaire has taken to Twitter to announce that the second boring machine is almost complete and will be called "Line-Storm" after the Robert Frost poem "A Line-storm Song."


The first machine called "Godot" was named after Samuel Beckett's famous play "Waiting for Godot."

Musk has been very public with the progress of the Boring Company. In July, he showed off the elevator that would take cars underground.

The Tesla boss, who appears to have a very loyal fanbase, also began selling $20 caps branded "The Boring Company." He announced, in jest, that 4,000 hats had been sold so far and the person who buys cap number 5,000 will receive an additional one on top for free.


He then posted an old picture of himself, which he first tweeted in May 2017, wearing two hats.


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