AppDynamics founder Jyoti Bansal launches his new start-up with Apple vet

Key Points
  • The start-up, Harness.io, has $20 million in backing from Menlo Ventures and Bansal's own start-up studio, Big Labs.
  • Bansal's cofounder is Rishi Singh, who previously worked on continuous delivery at Apple.
Jyoti Bansal, founder of AppDynamics Inc.
David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

For the past few months, Jyoti Bansal, founder and former CEO of AppDynamics -- which Cisco bought for $3.7 billion earlier this year -- has been busy working on a new start-up, as CNBC reported last week.

On Tuesday the start-up officially launched.

The start-up, Harness.io, is focused on the domain of continuous delivery, which involves automating the process of testing and then deploying updates to software. And sure enough, Bansal has found an expert in continuous delivery to work with him on the start-up: Rishi Singh, who spent more than five years as a platform architect at Apple.

"He pioneered Continuous Delivery at Apple as platform architect responsible for Apple's deployment automation (DevOps) platform, leading its product management, software engineering, and technology operations," the Harness website says.

The start-up is launching with $20 million in backing. Some of that money comes from Menlo Ventures, and additional cash comes from Big Labs, a new start-up studio Bansal is launching. Bansal has chosen to pour $50 million of his own money into Big Labs, whose first project is Harness, according to a statement.

The system integrates with multiple public clouds, as well as monitoring tools, including AppDynamics. A contract to use the Harness software might cost $100,000, but it could take 10 times that amount to pay people that could build a system like Harness, as Bansal suggested to Forbes. Harness has some early customers, including Build.com and Jobvite.