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These college towns have the most late-night munchies

Key Points
  • College towns tend to order the most late-night takeout, according to a study from GOBankingRates and Grubhub.
  • East Lansing, Michigan is the hungriest, ordering 392 percent more than the rest of the country.
  • Buffalo chicken and tater tots are the most popular choices.
A young woman orders late night delivery via Grubhub.
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Looking for a late-night snack?

If you live in in East Lansing, Michigan, you probably are. The home of Michigan State University orders 392 percent more late-night takeout than the rest of the country, according to a study. The personal finance site teamed up with food delivery giant Grubhub to analyze which cities are munching most after midnight.

Cities with a high population of college students take the cake (or tater tots).

"It was more about college towns than what we think of as big nightlife towns," said study author Gabrielle Olya. New York City and Miami and Las Vegas have some of the latest late-nights in the country, and only Miami made the list of the top 20 cities that order the most after midnight.

Michigan State boasts an enrollment of over 50,000 students. Similarly, you'll find more than 58,000 students at Rutgers University in New Brunswick (280 percent more late-night takeout than the rest of the country) and Ohio State University in Columbus (202 percent more).

"That's a lot of possible late-night orders," said Olya.

Beaumont Tower, Michigan State University
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Interestingly, most people aren't craving pizza.

Buffalo chicken is the most-ordered item, appearing in seven of the top 20 cities in different forms. Allston, Massachusetts, wants buffalo chicken on pizza, Albany likes it in a calzone, New Brunswick and Syracuse prefer boneless wings, and New Haven seeks out buffalo chicken fingers.

Both of the most popular orders in Medford, Massachusetts, contain buffalo chicken — stuffed in a calzone and topping a pizza.

Tater tots are another winner. This snack appears in the top three orders of East Lansing, Providence, Ithaca, New York, and Madison, Wisconsin.

Less popular are desserts. Sweets comprise Baltimore's top three orders — sweet potato pie, apple pie, and strawberry cheesecake. But there's only one other city who wants a sugary snack: Nashville, where the third-most-popular order is cannolis.

Online delivery is not just booming for millennials, but also for the 35 to 44 age group, according to investment firm Cowen.

In July, Cowen predicted a massive 79 percent surge in the total U.S. food home delivery market over the next five years. (Click to enlarge image.)

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