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Quaker and Methodist minister acquitted of BAE criminal damage after ‘greater good’ defense

Sam Walton (L), a Quaker activist from London, and Daniel Woodhouse (R), a Methodist Minister from Leeds.

Two religious men have been acquitted of criminal damage at a U.K. defense site after arguing they acted for the greater good.

Reverend Daniel Woodhouse and Samuel Walton broke into a BAE Systems site in northern England in January.

After being caught before reaching any hardware, they said they were trying to disable Tornado jets from being used by Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen.

According to the BBC, the men argued in court that their actions were for the greater good. The judge subsequently accepted those beliefs to find them not guilty.

Prior to the court case Walton, a Quaker, said in a statement that both men had "no regrets, and would do the exact same thing again."

BAE Systems Tornado jet

BAE's Typhoon and Tornado jets are being used on Saudi-led combat missions in Yemen. BAE is in negotiations to sell even more fighter jets to the Saudi regime.

BAE Systems said they noted the verdict and that the matter was for the magistrates' court to resolve.