Twitter's about to reveal Russia's huge tweet-fest during campaign, report says

Key Points
  • Twitter will reportedly reveal more than 36,000 Russian accounts were active during the election.
  • The company will speak to Congress on Tuesday, along with Google and Facebook.
Jack Dorsey attends the '#SheInspiresMe: Twitter celebrates female voices & visionaries' event in Cannes, France.
Francois Durand | Getty Images

Twitter, Google and Facebook representatives will testify before Congress on Tuesday, revealing just how much of a role Russia had in spreading information on social networks during the presidential campaign.

Twitter will reveal that more than 36,000 active Russian accounts spread more than 1.4 million tweets, Business Insider reported Tuesday. A source told the site that those accounts "generated automated, election-related content."

Facebook, on Monday, revealed even more troubling figures. The company said Russians during the campaign, using 80,000 posts to the social network.

Russia has denied any role in the election.

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