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These are the best smartphones to buy if you can't get an iPhone X

Key Points
  • The iPhone X is the best phone you can buy, but there are alternatives.
  • If you love Android, consider the LG V30 or the Galaxy Note 8.
  • Or even consider an older model of the iPhone, including the iPhone 7.

The is the best smartphone you can buy but, if you can't get your hands on one or are just looking for something else, here are five alternatives worth considering.

IPhone 8 Plus

The is my second favorite phone right now, and you should absolutely consider it if you can't get an iPhone X. It offers the same fast processor, great cameras, water-resistance, a glass back panel that enables wireless charging and more. You'll even save a couple hundred bucks, depending on which model you buy.

Galaxy Note 8

Todd Haselton | CNBC

The Samsung . Like the iPhone X, it offers an edge-to-edge screen, though it's curved and looks even more futuristic. It also has faster wireless charging, expandable storage so you can download even more movies and TV shows, and costs $50 less than the entry-level iPhone X. It's also water-resistant and offers top-notch cameras with similar portrait mode effects as the new iPhones. Pro-tip: Don't need the embedded stylus? Save money and buy a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus.

Pixel 2

The offers the latest version of Android from Google and unique features, like the ability to squeeze the phone to bring up Google Assistant. It doesn't have as good of a display as the Note 8 or iPhone X, but it starts at a much more affordable $650. The camera has been one of the highlights of the Pixel 2, but you'll also get fun features like Google Lens which can tell you more about whatever you snap pictures of. You also get free unlimited photo storage with Google Photos. Keep in mind, the Pixel 2 XL has run into a lot of problems, so avoid that one for now.

LG V30

LG's V30 is kind of a sleeper hit. It features face unlock (like the iPhone X though not as advanced), a gorgeous glass and metallic design, a large and colorful OLED display, wireless charging and expandable storage. It's available from all major U.S. carriers and LG is even tossing in a free Google Daydream VR headset with each purchase. You'll pay about $810, all in.

IPhone 7

Hear me out. The is a great value buy right now. It was Apple's flagship until just a few weeks ago and the price has dropped significantly. You can pick one up starting at $549 for the 4.7-inch model, or for $669 if you want the more powerful iPhone 7 Plus. You'll still get support for Apple's latest software, water-resistance, terrific cameras and more, all without breaking the bank.