Amazon’s high-tech grocery stores are nearly upon us, report says

Key Points
  • Amazon Go, the cashierless convenience store, is nearly ready for prime time, Bloomberg reports.
  • The Amazon Go team has begun hiring marketing and promotional staff, a sign of nearing completion as the company irons out technological kinks.
  • Analysts anticipate the company using the technology in its recently acquired Whole Foods stores.
Employees stand outside the new Amazon Go grocery store in Seattle, Washington.
David Ryder | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Amazon is ironing out the final kinks in its cashier-free convenience store platform, according to a Wednesday report from Bloomberg.

The company's latest brick-and-mortar experiment, called Amazon Go, excises the checkout line from the supermarket experience by scanning customers' smartphones upon entry and using mobile sensing technology to keep tabs on the items they remove from shelves.

The technology, while not yet perfected, has been much improved at the flagship Amazon Go location in Seattle, a person familiar with the situation told Bloomberg.

After in-store technology glitches forced the company to postpone the public-facing launch of Amazon Go, the "just walk out" technology has been refined to the point that the team has begun hiring marketing and promotional staff, Bloomberg reported.

The tech giant says it has no plans to adapt Amazon Go to the comparably gigantic Whole Foods supermarkets, all of which were acquired by Amazon for $13.7 billion this year. Many analysts, however, anticipate Amazon ultimately will want to deploy the technology to its brick-and-mortar grocery stores, according to Bloomberg.

Amazon wasn't immediately available for comment.

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