The Profit

Marcus Lemonis finds giant problems with this tiny home maker

Steve Weissmann might have a smile on his face, but he's far from happy. The owner and CEO of tiny house company Tumbleweed is over a million dollars in debt, and one week away from bankruptcy. But what's even worse is the toll his failing business has taken on his family.

"When business doesn't go well, it's hard to be a good father and husband," admits Weissmann.

Despite having little experience building homes, Steve managed to rack up over six million dollars per year in sales for Tumbleweed, making it America's top manufacturer of mobile tiny homes. But now, after a struggle with rapid growth, everything he's worked for might disappear.

Sounds like a job for Marcus Lemonis!

Weissmann's depending on an assist from The Profit to help battle his loans and credit card debt, and hopefully reverse Tumbleweed's fortunes. The bailout won't just be a boon for him or his 70 employees either, but for his wife Bernadette and their two kids, too.

The stakes are high and if Steve can't get it together, he and Bernadette will have to claim bankruptcy, and start from scratch.

See if Marcus can rebuild Tumbleweed's tiny house of cards on The Profit.

The Profit Season Premiere November 21 | Tuesday 10P ET/PT