The Job Interview

First Look: A Miami plastic surgery company is seeking a social manager with a creative streak

Mia Aesthetics is a plastic surgery company looking for a social media manager to help them stand out in Miami's competitive market. Candidates must demonstrate a charismatic personality and strong knowledge of social media metrics. Some hopefuls charm with humor and warmth, while others seem to have an augmented sense of reality. Who will inject life into the proceedings and who will get nipped and tucked-away?

Check out a sneak peek above..

About The Job Interview

New series "The Job Interview" takes an inside look at the world where the words you say, the clothes you wear, and even the expression on your face can mean the difference between success and failure. Each half-hour episode of this observational series brings viewers into the room as a real employer conducts real interviews with real candidates – only one of whom will land an offer.