The new phone from the founder of Android is on sale for $399

Key Points
  • Andy Rubin's Essential phone is on sale for $399 Monday.
  • It originally debuted at $699, and the sale price includes a 360-degree camera.
Andy Rubin
Todd Haselton | CNBC

The Essential phone is just $399 from Amazon on Monday and includes a 4K 360-degree camera attachment that normally costs $199.

If you're unfamiliar, the Essential phone was launched by the founder of Android, Andy Rubin, earlier this year. The phone was initially priced at $699 but was quickly discounted. Reports have suggested the phone hasn't been selling well, so these new price points might help Essential increase its consumer base.

The Essential phone offers a unique design with a screen that takes up almost the entire front face. It's made of high-quality parts, though doesn't offer some of the more compelling high-end features of other smartphones — such as support for virtual reality, expandable storage, water-resistance or great cameras — which may have contributed to its lack of initial success.

At $399, however, the Essential phone is a great buy, especially for folks on a budget but who still desire a device with a certain wow effect.