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Analysts bullish on Amazon Web Services

Key Points
  • Wall Street analysts bullish on Amazon Web Services
  • "AWS remains the clear leader in the cloud"
  • Amazon gaining in Artificial Intelligence as well

Wall Street analysts are reacting this morning to a key Amazon conference in Las Vegas featuring the company's cloud computing capabilities.

Amazon Web Services pop-up loft in San Francisco.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

The company is adding more than a thousand new features on Amazon Web Services including upgrades to storage and the replication of databases.

This "confirms our view that AWS remains the clear leader in the cloud" said JP Morgan's Douglas Anmuth. His note adds the new developments will help Amazon widen its lead over Microsoft's Azure and Google's Cloud Platform. "We believe a key competitive advantage is AWS' seven year head start, and accelerated feature launches will make it tough for the competition to catch up," said Anmuth.

Anmuth isn't the only analyst weighing in this morning. RBC's tech analyst Mark Mahaney writing in a note to investors, "We are incrementally positive given AWS's scale, innovation and meaningful traction across key verticals."

Shares of Amazon are up a stunning 20 percent in just two months. For the year the stock is up 55 percent.

On another front JP Morgan's Anmuth notes Amazon's performance in Las Vegas may have an impact on the battle for artificial intelligence and machine learning, perhaps even erasing the perception of Google's lead in these areas.