The Job Interview

Suzy Welch: In a job interview, remember to say these magic words

Next up on "The Job Interview," TFS Investments is looking to hire a personal assistant. This California-based real estate investment firm is helmed by former professional baseball player (and overscheduled CEO) Terance Frazier, who needs help running the growing office.

Candidates vying for this assistant gig must first pass a series of tests, like setting up a mock schedule and fielding a phone call with COO Chris Foxen, before Frazier can determine their worthiness.

We caught up with CNBC career expert Suzy Welch to hear her takeaways from this episode of "The Job Interview."

Takeaway 1: Talk about your impact

TFS Investments is getting bigger and busier by the second, so it's clear to Welch that working for this company would be a great opportunity. That said, she didn't see any of the candidates acknowledge that joining the team could be a huge boost to their career. Welch would have loved to see someone walk in there and explicitly say, "Terance, I really want to work for you."

Takeaway 2: Make an impact

Frazier isn't only looking for someone who will tell him what meetings to go to and when, he wants someone who can help take the business to the next level. So aside from stating their interest in the job, there was another key phrase Welch wished she'd heard, "I can make a real impact at this organization."

Welch believes this is an interview must, regardless of the position. It helps candidates set themselves apart by stressing the positive effect they'll have on the company.

Takeaway 3: Personality is important

Frazier is a dynamic force both inside and outside the office, and it's important that his assistant can keep up. The assistant position requires wearing many different hats, so the perfect fit has to be just as comfortable communicating with the mayor as they are with his kids.

On that note, candidates at TFS reminded Welch of a tool she finds to be "pretty underestimated" in an interview setting — showing your personality. After seeing how all the applicants did, Welch was particularly impressed by Tamara's authenticity and warmth because when you're up for a job, people want to see who you really are.

Takeaway 4: Check your attitude

All that said, sometimes showing your personality can work against you.

During Alicia's interview, Frazier detected a bit of an attitude which obviously didn't sit well with him. So in the words of Welch, "If you still have parts of your personality that you're working on, check them at the door."

Takeaway 5: Don't forget your manners

Aside from the phone call and mock schedule, Frazier had another test for the candidates that Welch thought was key: how they would greet him when he entered the room.

This sets the tone for how prospective employees will introduce themselves to potential customers, clients and co-workers. So while a handshake and a smile suffice, it's important to mind your p's and q's, and remember that standing makes all the difference.

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