Your retirement nest egg will stretch the most here

  • When it comes to retirement, the state where you live can make a big difference when it comes to how far your money will go.
  • This ranking shows the best and worst states for living expenses and discretionary income in your golden years.
Fly-fishing in Missoula, Montana.
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Fly-fishing in Missoula, Montana.

You might want to rethink the state where you're living if financial comfort is your first priority in retirement.

Personal finance website GoBankingRates compiled a ranking of states where your money will go farthest in retirement including all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The website looked at the following criteria: Per-capita spending on gas and fuel, groceries, health care, housing and utilities and other expenditures. The ranking is based on the retirement income it would take to cover all of those expenses plus 20 percent for additional spending, or comfort.

This chart shows the 10 states where retirees will find their income stretches the farthest:

State Yearly Retirement Income Needed Retirement Savings Needed
Mississippi $37,750.00 $755,000.00
Arkansas $38,896.25 $777,925.00
Alabama $39,170.00 $783,400.00
Oklahoma $41,222.50 $824,450.00
South Carolina $41,582.50 $831,650.00
Kentucky $41,610.00 $832,200.00
Idaho $42,066.25 $841,325.00
North Carolina $42,223.75 $844,475.00
Louisiana $42,726.25 $854,525.00
Tennessee $42,773.75 $855,475.00
Source: GoBankingRates

This chart shows the 10 states where retirees' income will not go very far:

State Yearly Retirement Income Needed Retirement Savings Needed
District of Columbia $71,053.75 $1,421,075.00
Massachusetts $64,976.25 $1,299,525.00
Alaska $61,933.75 $1,238,675.00
New Jersey $61,215.00 $1,224,300.00
New Hampshire $61,012.50 $1,220,250.00
Connecticut $60,621.25 $1,212,425.00
North Dakota $60,281.25 $1,205,625.00
Vermont $59,560.00 $1,191,200.00
New York $58,632.50 $1,172,650.00
Hawaii $56,403.75 $1,128,075.00
Source: GoBankingRates

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