Here's a look at the massive new campus Google wants to build a few miles from its headquarters

Key Points
  • The two new buildings would total ~1 million square feet with enough room for 4,500 Googlers
  • The plans come as the search giant bulks up its presence in Sunnyvale

Google recently revealed its plans for a massive new development project in Sunnyvale, California, a few miles away from its main headquarters in Mountain View.

The company's proposal, which it filed late Wednesday night, describes two green-space laden buildings, totaling ~1.04 million square feet, that could house up to 4,500 Googlers. The project also includes 2,085 parking spots.

Google's renderings of the proposed campus include sloping outdoor paths that would allow employees to move between each of the building's five floors:

Development would take place in Moffett Park and mark the latest in Google's lofty efforts to make Sunnyvale a greater hub for its business. In 2017, has snapped up about 50 properties valued at more than $1 billion, according to The Mercury News.

Google is calling the project "Caribbean," because one of the building is located on Caribbean Drive, and it's part of the search giant's broader vision for Sunnyvale, which includes employee housing.

"Housing and transportation are two huge issues for the Valley overall, and they are huge issues for Google," Google's global real estate chief Mark Golan told The Mercury News. "One of the best ways to address this is by creating mixed-use communities that allow people to live close to where they work, which allows for a vibrant community and also helps the transportation."

Google doesn't expect the Caribbean complex to open until 2021 at the earliest.

Andrew Miner, one of Sunnyvale's principal planners, tells CNBC that the Planning Department had not yet had a chance to review the application.

Google's parent company, Alphabet, claimed 78,101 total employees as of its Q3 earnings.

You can read all 37 pages of Google's proposal here.