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Suzy Welch Advice: Every job is your dream job

This week on The Job Interview, Watershed Hospitality is looking for an experienced catering and event sales manager. The company, which manages a range of bars and restaurants, serves thousands of students at the University of Michigan and co-owners Justin Herrick and Adam Lowenstein are on the hunt for a sociable type who loves the bar and restaurant scene.

Herrick and Lowenstein put the four candidates vying for the job through the ringer. So we caught up with CNBC career expert, Suzy Welch, to find out who knocked it out of the park and who left something to be desired.

Takeaway 1 - Talk about your overqualification

It was clear from the outset that one candidate, Antonio, was overqualified for the position, but Welch was impressed by how he quickly overcame that obstacle and made it work for him.

Antonio addressed the situation head on, which is exactly what Welch advises. She says that if you ever find yourself in an interview where you're overqualified but see strong potential, talk about how that's a good thing. It's important to acknowledge that you don't see the position as a step down, but as "a gamble on yourself" for the future.

Takeaway 2 - Say it's your dream job

One of the questions candidates were asked was a common one. Herrick and Lowenstein wanted them to share their idea of a dream job. Sounds easy, but according to Welch, almost all of the candidates faltered here.

She explains: "A lot of times the job you're interviewing for isn't your dream job, but you need to say it is." A company wants to hire someone who really wants to work for them, so it's important to fake it 'til you make it. Expand on the parts of the job you do love, so that you avoid taking yourself out of the running.

Takeaway 3- Use your experience

Welch thought one of the greatest moments in the whole episode was when Antonio did the prioritizing exercise and put staff satisfaction ahead of customer happiness. It was a bold move that went against Herrick and Lowenstein's beliefs, but turned out to be a risk worth taking.

Antonio used his extensive industry experience to his benefit and was able to persuade them that he had the right answer. Teaching your interviewers something they wouldn't have known otherwise is always a plus. And it can definitely work to your advantage.

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