The Job Interview

Suzy Welch: If you believe it, you should say it

Next up on The Job Interview is Woofie's, a premiere pet sitting and grooming company based in northern Virginia. Renee Ventrice, the company's director of mobile pet spa services and Caroline Murphy, director of pet sitting services, are on the prowl for a reliable and trustworthy dog groomer to join their rapidly growing team. The successful candidate for this gig will need to do more than just love dogs, they'll need to know each breed inside and out.

CNBC's career expert Suzy Welch examined each of the four candidates' interviews from start to finish and had these highs and lows to share.

Takeaway 1 - Where do you see yourself?

This question will pop up in pretty much every job interview, regardless of the position, and the way you answer can make or break your chances.

So how did the candidates fare? Well, Welch thought some candidates really nailed the question by saying, "I expect to be here with this company." She particularly loved when Jessica explained that the job could really become a career for her as it's important to show a prospective employer that you see yourself growing with the company.

Takeaway 2 - Never use profanity

While Jessica chose her words well, another candidate Marissa made a grave mistake. Even though she had all the qualities and talents Woofie's was looking for, Welch believes she really blew it when quoting an interaction with a customer using words unfit for a professional setting.

Keeping your language G-rated is common sense in a job interview. And Welch warns that even if the interviewer uses profanity, you should under no circumstances follow their lead.

Takeaway 3 - Turn a negative into a positive

In addition to acing the "Where do you see yourself?" question, Welch felt Jessica excelled by showing how to turn a negative into a positive. Although she had no prior dog grooming experience, she was able to make that a positive by saying she prefers starting with a clean slate so she can learn everything from the company and team.

This ability to spin the situation takes resourcefulness and preparation. So be sure to think ahead before walking through the interview door.

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