Advisor to Jeff Sessions calls for mandatory drug testing amid increasing marijuana legalization

Key Points
  • Robert DuPont, a major figure in President Richard Nixon's war on drugs, was called to advise Attorney General Jeff Sessions on federal marijuana policy.
  • DuPont is known for his aggressive stance on mandatory drug testing.
  • Throughout the years, Dupont has acted at times as shareholder, advisor and consultant to various drug testing companies,
Dr. Robert L. DuPont
Mannie Garcia | Getty Images North America.

A marijuana policy advisor to Attorney General Jeff Sessions is promoting an aggressive drug testing regimen — and stands to gain from it, The Daily Beast reported.

Dr. Robert DuPont met with Sessions and an exclusive group of drug policy experts to discuss the federal government's response to increasingly lenient state-level marijuana policies. The meeting came just before California's recreational marijuana legalization on Jan. 1.

According to The Daily Beast, the 81-year-old DuPont's contribution was on "the effect of marijuana on drugged driving."

DuPont is well-known for his stance on driving under the influence of marijuana — and what exactly he means by "under the influence."

He drafted a model driving under the influence bill in 2010 calling for law enforcement to administer a drug test for all controlled substances to anyone suspected to be driving impaired. He also called for the arrest of individuals with any trace of any controlled substances in their system, according to The Daily Beast.

The bill makes it clear that there is no exception for residents of states where marijuana is technically legal.

DuPont stands to gain financially from his proposed mandatory drug testing. Throughout the years, he has been at times shareholder, advisor and consultant to various drug testing companies, including Psychemedics and CAM International Ventures, The Daily Beast reported. He has denied claims of financial motivation.

DuPont is a former drug czar to Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

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